Sunday, January 3, 2010

False Alarm

Saturday I was having a lot of contractions, they weren't really painful but were coming every 4-5 minutes. I took a trip to the hospital and got hooked up to the monitor for an hour. They confirmed that I am still only 1 cm dialated and they were just small contractions- she called them "irritabilities" and just told me to drink more water and try to rest this weekend. I must have just over done it with all of the company over New Years and I didn't eat or drink anything all day on Saturday before going to the hospital because I was afraid if I was really in labor I knew I couldn't have anything before the c-section, so that didn't help with making the contractions go away. I finally slept well Saturday night and feel much better today. I thought maybe I was going to get my wish and not have to go back after break....but looks like the baby is staying in for a while longer!

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