Sunday, August 31, 2008


Evan is all ready to Poop On Michigan this season!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

First day of school

Last Monday was Evan's first day at day care. He had the perfect outfit- "Hi I'm new here." Of course he slept in for once, so I had to wake him up and feed him before they left. He was not happy about being woken up. He's done great all week for Miss Cora and Miss Natalie. Everyone says he's really laid back and happy, and cute of course! It is nice having him at school with Adam so he can go down and check on him. He even got to feed him a bottle yesterday. I can't wait until he starts playing and interacting with the other kids.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rolling Over

Evan FINALLY rolled over from back to tummy this afternoon! He has been getting so close, but never makes it all the way over. Of course he hated it once he was done since he hates being on
his tummy. Lucky was chewing on his bone right next to him, so Evan was leaning over trying to see him and next thing we knew he was on his tummy!

First Bites

Evan had his first bites of rice cereal on Wednesday. I'm not sure if I made it quite right because it was really, really runny, but we tried it anyways. He let most of it dribble down his chin, but tried quite a few spoonfuls. We are going to try some more tonight after his nap. This was also his first time in his high chair. He seemed to like it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

4 month Doctor's visit.

We had Evan's doctor's appointment this morning. He is doing great. He weighed 17 lb 9 oz (90th%) and is 26 inches long (75th%). He got three shots and only cried for a second! He loved playing with the paper on the exam table- he had it all ripped up by the end of the visit. The doctor also said we can start trying solids any time now. We are going to start with some rice cereal this weekend.

Monday, August 18, 2008

What we're doing this week

Yesterday Adam went to Walmart and came home with this:and this:
Needless to saw Adam is having a fun week off from work!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Last night we went to Bart and Lisa's house for a BBQ. Bart made his famous ribs and Adam made a beef brisket. Evan liked to watch Carson run around the house. Carson liked rocking Evan in his carseat. We can't wait until the boys are able to play with each other!

Last Day Home Alone with Mommy

Friday was my last day home alone with Evan before I go back to work (Adam has off next week too). We took some pictures together to remember the day!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Josh and Laurel's Wedding

This past weekend we went to Cincinnati for Josh and Laurel's wedding. My parents came into town to watch Evan. It was our first time leaving him and I was very nervous, but he did great eating from the bottle and sleeping through the night. Adam and I had a great time at the wedding. He was the best man and gave a great speech.

Adam and Josh

Adam had to collect money in a boot for Josh and Laurel for their honeymoon.

Evan's first mohawk

Adam loves to play with Evan's hair in the bathtub. We are happy to report that his hair is looking much better lately. As it gets longer it is laying down better and I'm not as tempted to cut it any more!

2nd Anniversary

August 5th was our 2nd Anniversary. We went out to dinner at PF Changs and then came home and watched our wedding video. We can't believe how fast the two years have gone! New house, new baby....who knows what the next year will bring!

First trip to Wittenberg

Evan and I went to Springfield last Monday to visit Erin and her new puppy Cooper. We went out to lunch at Our Hero (my favorite sub shop) and then took a walk around campus. Unfortunately we didn't get too far because it started to rain, but we did get pictures by Wally Witt and the big W donated by our class.

Dublin Irish Festival

Last weekend Adam and I went to the Dublin Irish Festival with some friends. Evan stayed home with Adam's parents. We had Old Bag of Nails for dinner and then listened to some Irish bands. I had my first beer in a year....and it tasted great!

New toy!

Adam put together Evan's exersaucer last week.....the hardest baby product so far to put together! It was worth it though because Evan loves it! He bounces and can turn himself around. He also likes to hit the toys to make them sing songs and talk to the animals. It was really fun watching him explore the new toy!
"Mommy, what is this new thing you put me in?"
"Now how did I get this thing to make noise?"

Evan and Caden

Evan and I went to visit Caden a few weeks ago. Kim and I took some pictures of the boys. They were funny, Evan grabbed Caden's arm and Caden looked at us like who is this kid touching me!