Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

We carved our pumpkin this week. Evan didn't really like touching the insides, but Emma did....until she tried to eat it. Evan was very interested in watching carve it out, but wasn't so interested in seeing it with the candle. He just wanted to blow it out. Instead of saying Happy Halloween he says, "Happy Birthday Halloween." He's a little confused.....

First Pony Ride

We went to a fall festival at Adam's Aunt's Church. Evan rode the pony twice and loved it!

New Emma pictures

Emma is a wild one! She crawls all over and gets into everything. When we try to stop her, she turns and looks at us and laughs. She's lucky that she's cute! She also loves trying new foods. Here she is eating scrambled eggs.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Marysville Homecoming

Evan got to ride in the Marysville Homecoming parade with Adam's mom. He loved riding on the float pulled by the tractor.

Friday night we went to the football game. He loved watching the game as long as he was eating! He liked the marching band too.

Sports Guy

Evan wanted to play hockey the other night- with his foorball helmet, golf club, baseball mitt, and scooter knee pads! He is too funny!

Autism Walk

We went to the Autism Walk last weekend. Emma loved looking around at all of the people. Evan had fun too, but was scared when he saw some Stormtroopers....Halloween is not going to be fun because he is scared of anyone in masks!

Evan's Half Birthday

Evan blew out candles on half a cake for his 2 1/2 Birthday. I asked him some questions to remember about him at this age:

Favorite sport- golf
food- french fries
color- blue
show- Dora
toy- Football helmet

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leed's Farm

We went on our annual trip to Leed's Farm yesterday. Evan had a blast running around the hay barn, going down the big tube slide by himself, riding with Daddy on the pedal cart, and feeding the goats. We also ate a pumpkin donut and bought some pumpkins! Next year will be even more fun when Emma can run around too!


I took the kids to the zoo a couple of Mondays ago. Evan loved getting his picture taken by all of the bears.

Trying to help Mommy

Shortly after this picture was taken Evan shut the dishwasher while Emma was still standing there and she fell flat on her face......

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emma's thumb

Emma loves her thumb. Lately she has also been squeezing her other cheek while sucking.

computer guys!