Thursday, December 31, 2009


Adam and his dad put up a back spalsh this week. It makes our kitchen look so much nicer! We love it.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Evan's new room

Evan moved into his room a month or so ago and I realized I never posted any pictures. Adam painted three gray walls and one red wall to make it an Ohio state room. We still have some more decorating to do, but here is his cute little toddler bed. He has done an awesome job with the transition. He goes right to bed at night and stays in bed all through the night. It is a little hard to get him to go to sleep at nap time because he keeps getting up to read, but he eventually falls asleep....sometimes in a pile of books!

Christmas morning

Evan had fun opening his presents on Christmas morning. We wish we had more time to let him play with each toy before making him open another one, but we had to move along to church. He loved the puzzles that he got and the Little People fire station.

Chrismtas PJs

Everyone got new pajamas to open on Christmas Eve. Evan got footed ones. He hasn't worn this kind since last winter and he thought they were pretty funny.

Chrismtas Eve

We had Christmas Eve dinner over at Adam's parent's house. My parents came down too since we couldn't travel......since we are only 4 week from my due date! We took some family pictures and exchanged presents with Adam's aunt and uncle. Evan's first present was a football....he was excited!


We went to COSI last week for the first time since July. Evan had a GREAT time. He loved playing with the trains they had set up- luckily he got two different train sets for Christmas! He ran around the play area for a good hour and also played in the water for a little bit.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baking cookies

We made out cutout sugar cookies last night. Evan loved using the cookie cutters! He also liked icing his cookie....but wouldn't eat it with the icing, only picked off the sprinkles.

Here he is trying to steal Daddy's sprinkles.

We got a new Flip video camera for my Birthday. We took some video of the cookie making, but I haven't figured out how to get the videos on here yet. So stay tuned!

Mommy's Birthday Cake

Evan really enjoyed the chocolate cake we had for my Birthday!

Basketball game

We took Evan to his first Marysville High School Basketball Game. He really enjoyed the buzzer, music and cheerleaders. Whenever the cheerleaders spelled something out he started to say his ABC's. He liked crawling around and jumping in the stands. We'll definitely take him back for some more this year.

Christmas books

We started a tradition this year of wrapping up all of our Christmas books and opening one each night in December. Evan has really enjoyed this- especailly the Dora lift the flap book! His first book to open was the Elf on the Shelf. His Uncle Aaron bought it for him last year. The story explains how the elf watches him to make sure he is good and then goes and reports to Santa each night. Evan doesn't quite understand it this year....but hopefully he'll get it next year!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Evan's ornament

We started a tradition last year of getting Evan a new ornament for the tree each year. Here he is helping to hang the ornament. He is doing a great job with the tree, he points out all of the different ornaments every day, but doesn't try to take them off!

Classis Santa Picture

Evan was not a fan of Santa this year!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pictures from the sitter

Here are some more pictures of Evan having fun at the sitter's house this month!


We went to see Elmo's Green Thumb last weekend with Bart, Lisa, and Carson. Evan had a blast! He was dancing, pointing, and yelling during the show. He definitely understood who the characters were on stage and when Elmo first came out he probably yelled Elmo 50 times.
In this picture he is standing outside Nationwide Arena pointing at the huge TV across the street. He was very impressed!

Little Helper

We've been working on Evan's new room. Evan liked helping Adam build the new dresser. He's going to hopefully sleep in his new room this weekend!


We went to PA a few weeks ago to see my family. Evan had fun playing with my Aunt Ginny's curlers, playing outside at the park, stomping through the leaves, and visiting with my grandma.