Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New BPA free bottles

This is our collection of new BPA free bottles. Thanks to Cindy and Amy, I found out that Babies R Us is returning all bottles that have BPA in them. Ever since we heard about the potential problems with exposing babies to BPA, Adam and I had considered switching bottles, hearing that Babies R Us was voluntarily recalling our bottle made our final decision. We are now using Playtex Nursers and Evan seems to really like the new nipples and is taking bottles now without any complaint! I

I missed you Daddy!

Adam was out of town last weekend for a bachelor party. Evan was very excited to see him when he got home!

Bad Hair Day

Check out this hair! It is getting out of control. We're taking a poll.....should we cut it yet?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Starting to roll

These past two days Evan has started to try to roll from his back to his tummy. He gets his legs up in the air and rolls onto his side, but hasn't made it all the way over yet. He has also started making a high pitch scream....which I am not too fond of!


I start back to school in less than a month :( Which means Evan will start in the nursery at Adam's school. We are trying to get him used to taking some bottles so Adam has started giving him his before bedtime feeding. Evan likes to hold onto Adam's fingers while he feeds him. I thought it was too cute.


Every night after Adam gets home from work we spend some time out in the front yard. Evan loves to lay on the blanket and look around. We usually get visits from some of the neighbors. It makes us very excited for when Evan is older and can play with all of the kids!

Monday, July 21, 2008

West Virginia

This weekend we went to Morgantown, West Virginia to visit Marcie and Bill. Annie and Adam and Katie Jo and Taylor were also there, so Evan got to meet a lot of new friends. On Friday everyone arrived and we hung out and had pizza and wings. Saturday morning everyone except Adam and Evan went white water rafting and when we came back Adam went golfing with the guys. Saturday was also Bill's birthday so that night we cooked out and had cake. Marcie's niece, Jaycie, came over and Evan got his first hugs and kisses from a cute older girl :) The car ride was about 4 hours and Evan did great for the first few hours both ways. Then he started to get cranky and I had to sit in the back and entertain him. He slept great while we were there and last night too- he is now consistently sleeping between 6-8 hours a night! Yeah!!!!
Meeting Marcie and Bill for the first time.
Annie and Adam's dog Roxy tried to comfort Evan when he was crying.
Watching the British Open while holding his blanket.

I got your nose!

The other night Adam was holding Evan up in the air. When he brought him down, Evan latched on to his nose. It was hilarious. I've never heard Adam laugh so hard!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rachel and Erin's visit

Friday night Rachel and Erin came over to visit. Rachel is moving to Seattle so we wanted to make sure she got to meet Evan before she left!

Evan says.....

"Tiger up Witt!"

First Softball Game

On Friday we went to watch Adam's uncle Jerry play softball. Evan got tired of being held and carried around during the game, so we laid him down on a blanket. He immediately put his hands in the grass and started pulling grass out by the fistful. This kep him occupied for quite some time!

Evan's Room

I finally got around to taking pictures of the nursery for Evan's scrapbook. I thought I would post them on here too for everyone who hasn't seen his room yet.

Watching TV

This week Evan has been really into watching the TV. One morning I put him in his bouncy seat while I did some things around the house. I checked on him and he has his eyes glued to the TV...ESPN of course!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bumbo Seat

Today when we got home from Cleveland we got out his Bumbo seat. He has been holding his head up so well that we thought he would enjoy sitting up to play. He isn't too sure about it yet, but I'm sure he will start liking it soon. Notice the scratches on his face- he has been trying to put his hands in his mouth like crazy and keeps scratching himself. He has been sucking his thumb at night, which is helping him to comfort himself when he wakes up in the middle of the night.

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

First Trip to Cleveland

We went to Cleveland to visit my parents over the 4th of July. During the visit Evan got to visit with his cousins, great aunt and uncle, great grandma and some neighbors and friends. He entertained everyone by cooing, laughing and babbling. He did a great job sleeping while we were there- he had his longest stretch of sleep so far- 6 hours!


I have been reading books to Evan. He seems to enjoy it and sits quietly and looks at the pictures. He especially likes his Ohio State counting book!

Just Hanging Out

Evan loves to sit with us on the couch. He is really starting to notice the TV and will turn his head to look at it. I think we are going to get him some Baby Einstein DVDs to start watching.