Monday, July 21, 2008

West Virginia

This weekend we went to Morgantown, West Virginia to visit Marcie and Bill. Annie and Adam and Katie Jo and Taylor were also there, so Evan got to meet a lot of new friends. On Friday everyone arrived and we hung out and had pizza and wings. Saturday morning everyone except Adam and Evan went white water rafting and when we came back Adam went golfing with the guys. Saturday was also Bill's birthday so that night we cooked out and had cake. Marcie's niece, Jaycie, came over and Evan got his first hugs and kisses from a cute older girl :) The car ride was about 4 hours and Evan did great for the first few hours both ways. Then he started to get cranky and I had to sit in the back and entertain him. He slept great while we were there and last night too- he is now consistently sleeping between 6-8 hours a night! Yeah!!!!
Meeting Marcie and Bill for the first time.
Annie and Adam's dog Roxy tried to comfort Evan when he was crying.
Watching the British Open while holding his blanket.

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Billy Coates said...

Moaning Mirelle approves of these photos.

How pissed does Evan look with Marcie holding him. Pretty sure he liked me better.