Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finally Better!

These are pictures of me trying to keep Evan happy during our THIRD visit to the doctor this month. Evan was sick with what started out as a cold and turned into a really bad cough for most of October. He went in for his 18 month well visit at the beginning of the month when he was just starting to get sick. I took him in the following week because he had a really bad cough and we thought he was having trouble breathing. Since he had RSV last year, we get nervous about his breathing, but the doctor said his lungs sounded great, he wasn't wheezing and sent us on our way. Finally after two more weeks of coughing- especially at night, we took him back in and of course he didn't even cough for the doctor! Luckily, she listened to what we were describing and decided to test him for Pertussis (Whooping cough) and put him on a Z-pack just in case the test came back positive or she said it could have been bronchitis. Two nights later she called us back and sure enough he has Whooping cough! After 5 days on the antibiotic, his cough is pretty much gone and you can tell he is feeling much better and happier. I feel bad he went for so long like that and that he was around so many people/kids while contagious! Thank goodness she decided to test him even though he has been vaccinated and there haven't been many cases of Pertussis lately. I wish just once, Evan could just get a normal cold!!!

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