Sunday, August 23, 2009

Clipper's Game

We took Evan to the Clipper's game last Sunday. They built a brand new stadium in downtown Columbus and it is really nice. We had standing room only tickets, which actually worked out well because Evan was able to move around. Here he is eating dinner while watching the game.

Evan loved this ride on ball toy. Luckily he didn't really mind if we didn't pay to make it move every time we walked by.

Evan kept reachig for a stranger's glass so we bought him some lemonade. He plopped himself right down on the ground to drink it!

Even though he has had his carseat for over 8 months, on the way home de decided that he no longer liked the head rest and screamed about it for the entire ride home.

Wearing the Indian's hat that his icecream came in.

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