Monday, May 25, 2009

Reds/Indians Game

On Sunday we went to the Reds/Indians game with Josh and Laurel, Bart, Lisa, and Carson, and Brian, Jennifer and Caleb. With 2 two year olds and 1 one year old, we didn't have high expectations for how long we would stay. Throw in the 80 degree temperatures, and it was really miserable. The boys made it about two innings up in the seats and then we took them down to the play area and had a snack. Evan had his first hot pretzel, and insisted on dipping it in the cheese. In the end we stayed about six innings, which wasn't too bad for Evan's first game. This is how Evan looked most of the time in the seat:

Clapping for the players:

Here Evan is seeing his first costumed person....he wasn't scared at all!

We were up in the 400's, when going down to the play area we stopped right behind first base to watch the game. Evan seemed much more interested down low.....maybe next time we'll have to get closer seats!

Playing with Carson in the play area:

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