Sunday, September 7, 2008

First haircut

Evan got his first haircut on Saturday, which was also his 5 month birthday. Here are some before pictures....he definitiely needed one!

We went to a kid's salon called Cookie Cutters. The place was really neat- there was a play area and different types of seats for the kids to sit in. Evan got to sit in a police car.

Each station also had a tv hooked up to a DVD player or playstation. Evan got to watch Baby Einetein while getting his hair done! Here he is staring at the TV.

He did great until the very end when she started cutting behind his ears.

Here is the after shot. He got a certificate with a picture and a lock of his hair for being such a good boy! Doesn't he loook old now?

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Andria said...

My 5-month old is so lacking in the hair department! The stylist must have had a lot to clean up! Even a little trim does make them look older. Sad isn't it?

Love Evan's new do!